UPDATE #10: Colonial Pipeline – SR2448 Response, August 26, 2020 – 2:00 PM EST

Colonial continues to work in cooperation with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) and Mecklenburg County agencies, as we keep safety and environmental protection at the forefront of our assessment and remediation activities.

According to the plan approved by Mecklenburg County Emergency Management, Huntersville-Concord Road re-opened to all traffic the morning of Monday, August 24, as scheduled.

Ongoing Remediation Efforts

To date, Colonial has excavated approximately 780 tons of soil for off-site disposal, installed more than 100 soil borings as part of the site delineation, installed groundwater monitoring wells and recovery product points, sampled surface water, and collected water samples from 17 residential water wells within a 2,000-feet radius of the release site.

At this time, all residential water wells tested have indicated “non-detect” for gasoline or dissolved-phase gasoline components.

Residential Well Sampling & Monitoring/Recovery Wells

We are currently conducting multiple types of well testing – one for residential wells and the other for borings/monitoring wells.  Soil borings are used as part of our assessment efforts to identify the location of product. Three borings where product was measured, have been converted to temporary product recovery wells.  The recovery wells are part of our ongoing investigatory and remediation activities in the area of the site and will be replaced with fixed recovery wells in the near future.  As an interim measure, vac trucks are being used to remove product.  The assessment is ongoing, and it is anticipated that additional recovery wells will be installed as part of a NCDEQ-approved remediation approach.

Colonial will continue to sample residential water wells within the 1,500-feet radius of the release site, under the direction of the NCDEQ, and will communicate results directly with these landowners. Results from the initial residential water well sampling are being hand delivered to these residents, and we have also shared these results with the NCDEQ.

Community Meeting

Colonial has also confirmed its participation in the August 27 Community Meeting in Huntersville. Greg Glaze, Colonial Pipeline Southeast District Director of Operations and Incident Commander for the SR2448 Response, will join the meeting remotely on behalf of Colonial due to COVID-19 and Colonial’s response to Hurricane Laura.

Rest assured, we have been in the Huntersville Community for more than fifty years and remain committed to our path of environmental remediation and keeping stakeholders informed.