UPDATE #11: Colonial Pipeline – SR2448 Response, August 27, 2020 9:00 PM EST

Colonial Pipeline continues to focus on our key priorities — protecting the safety of people and the environment.

Key activities at this time include:

  • Colonial participated in the August 27 Community Meeting in Huntersville. Greg Glaze, Colonial Pipeline Southeast District Director of Operations and Incident Commander for the SR2448 Response, joined the meeting remotely on behalf of Colonial due to COVID-19 and Colonial’s on-going response to Hurricane Laura.
  • The area around Line 1 was backfilled with clean soil after the repair was made on August 19. The repair was tested and monitored to ensure the safety of the pipeline.
  • At this time, 23 residential water wells have been tested for petroleum products with zero detections of petroleum constituents. In alignment with NCDEQ guidance, and based on current data, Colonial will continue sampling residential water wells within 1,500 feet going forward. These results will be shared with individual landowners and NCDEQ.
  • As part of Colonial’s ongoing site assessment and remediation activities, we are currently conducting multiple types of testing, including advancing soil borings to determine impacts to soil and installing groundwater monitoring wells to determine the nature and extent of groundwater impacts. In addition, we have installed four fixed recovery wells in close proximity to the site.
  • As we continue our assessment process, to date, more than 100 soil borings have been taken.
  • Soil is currently being removed from site and properly disposed. To date, Colonial has excavated approximately 780 tons of soil for off-site disposal.

In an ongoing effort to update the public of our response efforts and answer questions, Colonial is continuously adding to the FAQ section of our response site and posted additional Q&As today.