UPDATE #16: Colonial Pipeline – SR2448 Response, October 8, 2020 5:00 PM EST

Assessment Now Underway and Ongoing Environmental Remediation Update

Colonial Pipeline’s response and remediation efforts continue to focus on our commitment to the safety of people, environmental protection, respect for community assets, and continual communication.

In addition to our ongoing site assessment and environmental remediation activities, this week, Colonial began preparation work associated with the removal and replacement of the impacted pipe segment.

Removing the pipe segment will enable Colonial to conduct laboratory analyses, which will help determine what caused the pipe failure.

As this work occurs over the next five to six weeks, residents may notice excavation equipment and additional truck traffic in the area.

Colonial will be communicating directly with residents who live near the work areas.    We appreciate the patience of the community as we continue our assessment, remediation and analysis activities.

Restoration of Oehler Preserve

Colonial will continue site restoration activities in coordination with Mecklenburg County.  As stated previously, Colonial is committed to meeting all state standards as established by the NCDEQ for site remediation and to restoring the natural environment of Oehler Nature Preserve, and any other areas affected by our operational activities.  We will continue to work with local partners to remediate Oehler Nature Preserve, and will expand area partnerships as part of our ongoing Environmental Partners Program.  To find out more about Colonial’s Environmental Partners Program, you can also watch this video.

Current Actions and Environmental Update 

Colonial provides regular updates on the status of our environmental monitoring and remediation efforts to NCDEQ and Mecklenburg County.

As of Thursday, October 8, 2020, Colonial had installed 100 monitoring and recovery wells at the site.

  • 60 of those wells are monitoring wells, and 40 are recovery wells.  Neither monitoring nor recovery wells are used for potable water.
  • When Colonial encounters product in a monitoring or recovery well, product recovery begins immediately in an effort to control and limit any further migration.
  • Colonial also is supplementing our current recovery systems with additional equipment and technologies.
  • We have completed seven rounds of residential water well sampling for homes within a 1,500-foot radius of the incident location, which is the monitoring radius established by NCDEQ. There have been no detections of any petroleum constituents in any of the samples that we have taken from any of the residential water wells.

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